Continental Giant Rabbits for sale in Norwich
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Giant Rabbits Norfolk

Continental Giant Rabbits in Norwich & Norfolk


Welcome to Julia's Giants.
My name is Julia and I am a British Rabbit Council registered breeder of continental giant rabbits. I am based in Wymondham, Norfolk.  Please browse my website and place an enquiry through the 'Current Litters' page.

Why buy from me?
From a young age my baby rabbits are well handled by all members of our family, and are treated as our pets. They are fed on Burgess Excel Junior pellets, good quality hay, vegetables and fresh water. They are kept in large enclosures allowing plenty of fresh air and exercise. All of our rabbits have wonderful docile natures and make excellent house rabbits. I am a British Rabbit Council registered breeder. Can pet shops assure you of all this?!

Giant rabbit breeders

These gorgeous animals really are the gentle giants of the rabbit world. Our rabbits are also our pets, so are very well handled. They come in a variety of colours including

  • Agouti
  • Brown grey
  • Black
  • Dark Steel
  • Light Steel
  • White
Rabbits in Norwich

Our most recent litter - two black continental Giant's at 9 weeks old.

Continental giant rabbits for sale

I sell my babies for just £100.00 each. New litters are available every two to three months.  I also have a number of older rabbits available for sale.


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tel. Julia on 07445 293740
or Garry on 07445 249513

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